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File a student complaint

General Non-Academic Concerns or Complaints

Students are invited to discuss any concerns with the appropriate University staff, faculty or administrator. The Dean of Students and the Associate Deans of the Colleges, in particular, can often provide useful advice to assist students in the informal resolution of student concerns.

Formal Complaint

Students who have been unsuccessful in resolving problems informally may submit a formal complaint. Formal complaints are made through the Dean of Students website and must be submitted in writing on the Student Complaint Form. Formal complaints should be made in a timely fashion and the Dean of Students will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 7 days. The complaint must identify the problem in sufficient detail to permit the Dean of Students to investigate or refer the matter to the appropriate office or administrator. The submission must also include the student’s current contact information, including phone number and email address. Complaints will be resolved according to the appropriate policies. Reports on the resolution of the complaint should be made to the Dean of Students within 30 days. Additional time may be required for investigation or obtaining evidence regarding the complaint.

Periodic Review

The Dean of Students will keep a record of student complaints received each year and will share a summary of those complaints with the Vice President for Student Services and the University Provost who will review those summaries with the goal of identifying trends and effecting institutional change.

Complaints or Appeals Regarding Academic Decisions

The University of Tulsa distinguishes between general (non-academic) complaints and complaints pertaining to academic decisions, such as grades or application of academic policies. All academic policies and decisions are the responsibility of the appropriate College or School. Those procedures are defined in the relevant Undergraduate, Graduate or Law School Bulletins. Where there are deadlines, students must meet deadlines for filing appeals. After students have made an appropriate attempt to resolve the academic concern informally, students are invited to contact the Associate Dean of the College or School for assistance.