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Authorized User Access

Authorized User Access

Students can grant others access to their online tuition account information via the Authorized User Access.  Students can also delete the authorized user’s access at any time.  To add an authorized user, follow these steps:

  • Login to the Student Hub and click on “View and Pay Account.”
  • Click on the Authorized User tab (right side of the page), click on “Add Authorized User.”
  • Add the authorized user’s email and select the access level.
  • Read and agree to the Agreement to Add Authorized User.
  • The authorized user will receive two emails with log in information.

Granting of this access is completely controlled by the student and is FERPA compliant.

Additional information:

  • The authorized user will receive emails when e-statements are available for viewing.
  • The authorized user can view statements and account activity.
  • The authorized user can make online payments.
  • The authorized user can enroll in active payment plans.

Authorized users can utilize this link to access the student online account.