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FAQ: Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit

These courses do not transfer to TU.

Courses that transfer to TU will appear on your TU transcript, but grades will not appear, nor will they figure into your TU GPA.

Yes! Be sure to check with your current institution on their requirements.

TU will evaluate your previously completed courses individually without making a special distinction if you completed an AAS, AA or AS.

Credits are evaluated on a class basis. One scholarship does require an associate’s degree – the TCC Honors Scholarship. Check out our list of scholarships on the website.

We recommend that a student applies for financial aid as soon as they are able. The FAFSA opens in October for the upcoming calendar year.

To graduate with a TU bachelor’s degree, you must earn your last 45 degree requirement hours at TU.

View our course equivalency database to find your college transfer credits and the TU class equivalency. If a course is not listed, reach out to the Office of the Registrar at TU for a transfer credit evaluation at transfer-evals@utulsa.edu.