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Conference Services

The University of Tulsa welcomes camps and conferences to our campus throughout the year. Educational and civic organizations, sports camps, and professional associations have all found Tulsa to be a perfect site for hosting annual meetings, weeklong camps, and regional and national workshops. The University of Tulsa’s grant-sponsored academies held on campus range from math and science fields to screenwriting and filmmaking.

The campus services staff, acting as the information liaison between event planners and the TU campus, centrally coordinate the arrangements for event programs. Whether your group is comprised of 20 or 1,200 people, TU’s talented staff gives special attention to every detail.

Housing Facilities

All of our residential facilities are air-conditioned, furnished, and within a five-minute walk to other sites on campus. Explore the campus through our interactive map to see our residence hall and sorority house space used for summer camp housing.

On-Campus Recreational and Meeting Space

The advantage of centrally coordinating all of your summer program needs is that all space is reserved for you along with any housing and dining plans. Campus services staff frequently reserve athletic and recreational space, classrooms, auditoriums, and other social space.

Food and Beverage Options

A variety of options have been created to fit the unique food and beverage needs of your program. The catering staff will examine your schedule and help create a meal package specific to your program. Options include residential or commuter meal plans, boxed to-go lunches, or guests paying cash at the door.  All meals, snacks, and beverages served on campus are to be arranged either through the Camp/Conference Meal Plan outlined in the “Camp & Conference Agreement ” or ordered directly from Campus Catering through The University of Tulsa’s Dining Services Department. Dining Services provides catering for receptions, refreshments, luncheons, and banquets.

For public health and safety reasons, the university does not allow homemade food or outside food exceeding $100 in value to be served on campus. Requests to have items donated from a licensed vendor should be submitted on corporate letterhead stationery to Mike Neal, Director of Dining Services, at 918-631-3883 for his review and subsequent approval.

For more information about catering service, visit Facility Rental and Catering.

Keys to Contracting Camps on Campus

Navigating through the logistics of planning a program can be overwhelming. The campus services staff has developed the Guidelines for Camp Coordinators to assist you with coordinating a successful summer event.

The information shared in this handout is supplemental to the policies communicated in the Summer Conference Agreement & Appendix A (contract) and any other relevant university policies and procedures. The topics reviewed here are similar to what is cited in the contract but are explained in terms that are more commonly used and understood. The topics covered include:

  • Campus Contract Lingo/Numbers
  • Catering & Dining Food Options/Campus Policy
  • Conference Staff & Services
  • Campster Supervision
  • Campus Security & Emergencies Checking in Guests
  • Clean-up & Facility Usage
  • Checking Out & Billing
  • Checklist for Coordinators

TU Recruitment

We are proud of our university’s reputation for excellence in scholarship and service. We consider youth guests in every summer program to be potential TU students as a result of their visit to our campus. We know that our adult guests have become our best spokespeople for the quality of our institution.

The Office of Admission is available to speak at a welcome program or meal, to make a follow-up phone call or send a letter, to provide a display table at registration, or to supply recruitment materials for your registration packets.

For more information about our Camps & Conference Services, call 918-631-2374.