Hurricane Ventures announces investments in BPEndo, Titan Intake - The University of Tulsa
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Hurricane Ventures announces investments in BPEndo, Titan Intake

The University of Tulsa and Hurricane Ventures have announced two new start-up investments, BPEndo and Titan Intake.

Photograph of Chris Wright

“We are excited by the continued momentum of Hurricane Ventures,” said Chris Wright, director of TU’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Created in partnership with 46 Venture Capital, Hurricane Ventures serves as a funding catalyst for TU student, alumni, faculty, and staff startups.

Leveraging the resources and knowledge network of the university, Hurricane Ventures is seeding early-stage companies to drive real impact across the economy and further the mission of TU’s Collins College of Business, as well as the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Launched in early 2023, Hurricane Ventures has raised $2 million – well on its way to a $10 million goal – to commercialize intellectual property, create new ventures, and attain venture capital funding. The university aims to provide seed capital for the next 100 companies started by TU students, alumni, and employees.

Hurricane Ventures made its first start-up investments in SkinCheck and Airwise Solutions, which were announced in September. The investments in BPEndo and Titan Intake were announced at a recent Friends of Finance meeting, which is organized monthly by the Collins College of Business.

Dr. Jeffery Blonsky, who received his degree in biological science at TU in 1999, is a key partner in BPEndo. The company’s “Insufflation Retention Device” (IRD) is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in colonoscopy procedures. Colonoscopy is the gold standard for colon cancer screening, polyp removal, and control of lower gastrointestinal bleeding. The ability of the patient to hold air or fluid to insufflate the colon is critical to a successful colonoscopy.

However, air or fluid incontinence occurs approximately 20% of the time, making it difficult for the physician to complete an exam and putting the patient’s safety and overall health at risk. The BPEndo IRD was designed to improve the colonoscopy experience for patients, physicians, and payors. The company has made substantial progress toward securing a global patent portfolio and recently received FDA clearance for the IRD.

“Having partners such as Hurricane Ventures is invaluable,” said Dr. Robert Holbrook, founder and CEO of BPEndo. “The funding provided is instrumental in overcoming the obstacles founders face when bringing a new device to market. I am grateful for all their support.”

Titan Intake, founded by Patrick Bruce alongside Rachel Brown and Jhonathan Vazquez, is revolutionizing health care with its patient referral software driven by artificial intelligence. The unique platform automates incoming referral data directly into electronic medical records, ensuring clinics immediately capture, process, and communicate patient referrals.

“I am thrilled to have the support of my alma mater and the TU alumni community,” said Bruce, who received his degree in philosophy from TU in 2013. “Hurricane Ventures’ new fund is a game-changer for Tulsa’s startup scene, particularly addressing a vital gap in early-stage financing. For SaaS enterprises like Titan Intake, such initial investments are immensely impactful. This funding will empower us to expand our reach to clinics across the nation, accelerate our growth, and significantly boost Tulsa’s economy.”

Connor Sitton (MBA ’23, JD ’23), director of Hurricane Ventures, echoed Bruce’s optimism: “We are very excited to partner with both BPEndo and Titan Intake as they continue to grow their impact. These are the exact types of high-growth ventures we look to invest in and are excited to continue to do so.”