Outstanding Researchers 2022
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Outstanding Researchers 2022

The University of Tulsa is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 Outstanding Researcher Award – a lifetime distinction that is received only once in an individual’s career. It is intended to honor achievements that have been validated in the scholar’s professional fields.

Charles Robert Brown, Professor of Biological Science

man with short grey hair and beard wearing glasses and a teal blue shirt
Charles Brown

Charles Brown has a long and distinguished career as an ornithologist, ecologist and evolutionary biologist. In addition to publishing over 190 publications (130 since joining the Department of Biological Science at TU), Brown has received numerous national awards, including the Exemplar Award for “major long-term contributions to the study of animal behavior” (Animal Behavior Society 2009) and the Elliot Coues Award for “extraordinary contributions to ornithological research” (American Ornithologists’ Union 2003).

Brown’s internationally recognized research on the ecology and evolutionary biology of colonial cliff swallows has been supported continuously since 1986 by the National Science Foundation, The National Institutes of Health, The National Geographic Society, The Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation and the Bovaird Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Brown’s research has also supported the training of 14 past and current graduate students, five postdoctoral researchers, 51 undergraduate research advisees and more than 100 undergraduate students, including 15 TU students who served as summer research assistants through the NSF REU program.

Lamont Lindstrom, Kendall Professor of Anthropology

man with white hair wearing a collarless sweater and a tan-colored blazer
Lamont Lindstrom

Lamont Lindstrom has spent his entire career undertaking pathbreaking anthropological research on the islanders of Melanesia. From authoring the first dictionary in the language of the Kwamera, he has continued to produce an astonishing number of books and journal articles that have made these people known to the world.

Lindstrom is the author of 13 books from major presses, among which are several that he wrote in collaboration with other authors. He has published 47 journal articles, the vast majority of which were in top-tier journals, and nearly an equal number of book chapters. Besides this are dozens of contributions in more popular venues, making his research accessible to the wider community. Lindstrom has been a faculty member at TU since 1982, and his activities have immeasurably contributed to the building up of its national and international stature.

Saeed Samiee, Collins Professor of Marketing

man with a fringe of grey hair wearing a white shirt, gold tie and black blazer
Saeed Samiee

Saeed Samiee serves as the Collins Professor of Marketing and International Business. He is a leading scholar in international marketing and business and has contributed to scholarly journals in marketing and international business, including the Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Strategic Management Journal and Journal of International Business Studies. His research focuses on various aspects of strategy in international and global contexts with particular attention to marketing-related issues. Samiee has over 10,000 citations on Google Scholar and has served on the faculties of the University of South Carolina, Rutgers, Kent State and Notre Dame.

Along with his co-authors, Samiee received the AMA’s Excellence in Global Marketing Research Award for a 2006 article in 2015 (decade award) and the Journal of International Marketing’s Hans B. Thorelli Award (based on long-term impact) in 2020. He serves as editor for the Journal of International Business Studies, the top journal in the field of international business. He is also an associate editor for Decision Sciences Journal and is on the editorial review and/or advisory boards of 13 scholarly journals in marketing and international business.