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When to do home improvement projects

Have you caught the home improvement bug? Home improvement has always been incredibly popular. Whether you are setting up your home office for your WFH job or want to improve an existing space you’ve had to consider costs. Depending on the project, the costs associated with a DIY undertaking are not the same as a new shower or installing an in-ground pool.

Professor Meagan McCollumWalletHub features Assistant Finance Professor McCollum. Professor McCollum gives advice for using loans for home improvement. Wallet Hub wants to better inform readers about their personal finances, insurance, etc. through their statistics and the professional opinion of members of the academia such as Collins College of Business Professor Meagan McCollum.

“Taking out a loan for home improvement projects often makes sense when delaying or failing to do the projects would significantly impair the value or livability of the property. Other projects that are more “nice to have” such as a kitchen remodel of an otherwise functional kitchen or an in-ground pool should be viewed with more scrutiny” says Professor McCollum.

What funding sources should you consider when looking to do a home improvement project. It depends on the project Professor McCollum states.

Read more about funding sources and advice before applying for a home improvement loan here: https://wallethub.com/personal-loans/home-improvement-loans#meagan_mccollum