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Hardesty Hall

Hardesty Hall common room

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Located at 3105 East 5th Place, Hardesty Hall is TU's newest residence hall. Hardesty provides luxury living accommodations to TU's growing campus, located in the heart of campus and next door to the Allen Chapman Student Union, which houses multiple student dining options.

Hall Features

  • All double rooms (Private living is not an option) Check out room rates
  • Leisure areas on each floor, including the Burnstein Family Lobby and Student Lounge on the first floor
  • Bernsen Student Lounge, a multipurpose space located on the third floor, for events and special programs including a kitchen for recreational cooking
  • Free laundry facilities on each floor
  • Bicycle storage is permitted in your room and in the designated area around Hardesty Hall

Room Features 

  • All rooms are carpeted with moveable furniture
  • Single, bunkable beds (80″ long) with a mattress cover
  • Freestanding closet
  • Moveable desk, chair, and shelving unit
  • Window blinds
  • Wastebasket