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TU guarantees students will find jobs after graduation

The University of Tulsa is offering an unheard-of promise to new undergraduate students beginning in fall 2022: the ’CaneCareers Job Placement Guarantee. This unique new offering guarantees that students who successfully complete their bachelor’s degrees and fulfill the ’CaneCareers agreement will land a job or be accepted into a graduate program within six months of graduation.

“We are standing behind our incredibly strong academic programs and invaluable student support services to clearly demonstrate the worth of a TU education,” President Brad R. Carson said. “If we expect students and their families to choose an elite educational experience, we promise to deliver on the results. I’m proud that TU graduates have the highest starting salaries among Oklahoma schools and that TU graduates have some of the best starting salaries of any school in the Midwest.”

The University of Tulsa faculty are at the top of their fields and prepare students to get that first real job or move on to meaningful post-graduate work. Meanwhile, staff in the Center for Career Development and Professional Engagement – affectionately dubbed ’CaneCareers in honor of TU’s Golden Hurricane – cultivate meaningful relationships with prospective employers and equip students to succeed outside the classroom.

“The guarantee of post-graduation employment is what separates TU from big state schools and also other private colleges that do not have the same caliber of industry connections, alumni mentors, and student engagement,” Carson said. “We already have extraordinarily high placement rates – above 93% – so the job guarantee is simply an additional layer of insurance for our students and the families who so often support them throughout their college experience.”

In the rare instance when a new graduate is unable to find employment, the university will continue to support the Golden Hurricane family member by offering six hours of coursework in a TU master’s degree program at no cost. Currently valued at more than $8,000, this free tuition benefit is TU’s way of putting its money where its mouth is.

“Our ’CaneCareers staff are the best at pairing students with employers – many times students accept job offers before graduation, and some of them receive multiple offers,” said Christy Caves, executive director of the career center. “We are confident and accountable for our outcomes. From resume writing and interview prep to job fairs, TU delivers on all of the traditional expectations for career planning. Then, TU career coaches go above and beyond to assist students with important internships and networking opportunities.”

The TU Alumni Association’s “utulsa connect” program pairs students with mentors across town or on the opposite side of the globe. TU alumni from more than 50 industries generously volunteer their time to share advice and guidance. Every student who wants an alumni mentor will receive one. That’s one more TU guarantee.

The University of Tulsa boasts some of the highest earning potential in the entire region. TU students who received a bachelor’s degree in 2020 reported an average starting salary of $68,117 as compared with the national average of $55,260 as provided by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

While TU’s job placement guarantee does not take effect until fall 2022, current students are encouraged to take advantage of the entire suite of services offered by ’CaneCareers. Details about this groundbreaking initiative may be found online at utulsa.edu/guarantee. Prospective students and parents are invited to reach out to their admission counselor for more details.