Proposal Preparation and Submission

Pre-award activities and processes performed by the staff of ORSP are designed to help the faculty and facilitate the overall grant process, while balancing the need for institutional and sponsor regulatory compliance. In order to better assist you, the following information offers guidance of the process and responsibilities of those preparing the proposal.

Proposal Solicitation and Guidelines

If you are considering responding to a proposal solicitation (RFP, BAA, General Solicitation), please contact the Pre-Award Office as soon as possible and provide a link or copy of the solicitation. We will review the guidelines to insure TU’s eligibility to submit the proposal, begin to address any issues that may need to be resolved prior to submission, and assist you with meeting the criteria of the solicitation. In addition, we will determine the process of selection for limited submissions (if applicable).

Initial Information

Initial information needed includes:

  1. Name of the Principal Investigator(s) and Co-PI(s)
  2. Name of sponsoring agency
  3. Program announcement/Request for proposal
  4. Proposal deadline (date and time )
  5. Submission instructions (if no formal solicitation or RFP)
  6. Budget information
  7. Sub-awards (name and contact information for institution’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs)

Proposal Preparation and Submission

Pre-Award Services will assist in preparation and provide review of the budget, budget justification, internal approval forms and other documents. We will also register in any electronic systems and will be responsible for submission of the proposal.

The principal investigator is primarily responsible for the preparation of non-budgetary documents and for preparing the technical aspects of the proposal in compliance with the sponsor-imposed limitations (i.e. page numbers, font, margins) as well as additional documents (CV, Current and Pending, etc.).

TU Institutional Information

Provide additional information specific to The University of Tulsa.